BORN 1986 /

      My pursuit into the business of vintage started in 2011. as a kid, some of my better memories were walking fleas & car part swaps with my dad. if i had to guess, that's where my obsession with the old & worn began. I started a workshop in my dads attic. at the time, it was the only place I had. it was hot, but it was free. up there was where I began to learn how to build furniture, and figure out what parts of vintage i really enjoyed. boxes & sawdust filled that attic and began to run down the stairs. piling my finds around the attic until they started filling up the stairs. I lasted a few months up there.

   My first workspace & showroom was in a back alley on second street in downtown Pomona, California. during this perod i spent alot of time in the desert towns of california, digging through abandoned gas stations, junk yards, and visiting local collectors. i'm very thankful for all of the opportunities that were in my path at this time in my life, as well as all the people i met. i was able to quit my job at this time. the  growth & progress was there. 

   i since have relocated to franklin, tennessee. I HAD TRAVELED THROUGH TENNESSEE A FEW YEARS AGO, AND HAD SINCE KNOWN IT WAS WHERE I WANTED TO BE. IM STILL AS OBSESSED AS I WAS WHEN I FIRST STARTED. MY TASTE & AESTHETIC HAVE BOTH SINCE CHANGED, BUT IM ALWAYS SURPRISED BY SOMETHING NEW CATCHING MY ATTENTION. IM A HUGE FAN OF Folk Art & Primitives, Gas & Oil Advertising, Vintage MotorcycleS, EARLY MC EPHEMERA, & Graphic American Advertising. if i'm not in the van driving to the next show or flea, or roaming around out in the country, i'm at home with molly & the pups.